Chapter 3 – Ridzuan

The Brunei Superhero story continues….

Ridzuan returns to Brunei from overseas and set out his own investigation on criminals. Meanwhile, Ali tries to convince Adam to use his superpowers to help others.

You can read Chapter 3  HERE

The ‘Bruce Wayne’ of the story

The main highlight of this chapter is the introduction of Ridzuan who is obviously the ‘Bruce Wayne’ of the story – the billionaire turned superhero vigilante – thus completing this story’s version of the DC trinity (Adam is the ‘Clark Kent’ and Liza is the ‘Diana Prince’ of the story).

But of course, Ridzuan is not exactly like the brooding and capable man as Bruce Wayne. Ridzuan is a little bit more of thrill seeker and a naive idealist who thinks he can help by working outside the law or the system. To me, he represents those young freshly graduated idealistic Bruneians who returns to from overseas and thinks he can make a difference.

The ‘Nightrunner’ connection

In the chapter, there are references to Ridzuan idolizing a French vigilante/hero named Nightrunner. The idea is that Ridzuan encountered this figure while living in Paris and inspired him to take up parkour as well as becoming a masked hero.

There is actually a character called Nightrunner in the comics. Introduced in 2011, Nightrunner was a French-Algerian superhero who later got recruited by Batman to be his representative in Paris.

Bilal is a student from the Paris commune of Clichy-Sous-Bois, a neighborhood rife with conflict due to racial tensions. Bilal refused to take sides in the conflict, until one day he and his best friend Aarif were caught in the crossfire. Later that day, Aarif, obsessed with taking the law into his own hands, set fire to a police station, dying in the process. To honor the memory of his friend, Bilal began his training in Parkour and became the vigilante known as Nightrunner to prevent chaos and civil war in his city.

The ‘Nightrunner’ being referenced in this story may or may not be the same Nightrunner in the Batman comics. It’s just a cool little easter egg/nod to this comic book character.


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