Chapter 5 – Tahun Satu part 1

After a 4 months hiatus (aka Life happened), I am back with a new chapter!!

It’s also the start of a new act/volume in the Brunei Superhero saga. We got through the Origin part of the main characters and now we’re going to the meat of the story where some of the main themes and plot threads that I’ve always wanted to tackle in this Brunei superhero story begins to unravel itself. I’ll talk more about this as the story progresses.

The first story arc (divided in three parts) is titled ‘TAHUN SATU’ which is malay for ‘Year One’ – an obvious nod to the famous Batman origin comic, Batman Year One. It’s basically going to be Captain Brunei and Balau Man’s first year of superheroic. The main goal of this story arc is to introduce this fictional world that our characters are living in. We get introduced to lots of characters from different spheres of influence of the country – the media, the bloggers, the police, the government, the criminals, etc. You get to see how the emergence of local superheroes affected the rest of the society.

Again, I will talk more about this later once the other two parts of this story arc gets published (in the next few days). In the meantime, enjoy the first part below:



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