GUARDIANS OF DARUSSALAM is a homage to the superhero genre with a local flavour.

Set in a heightened reality / fictional / alternate version of Brunei, it is a story of an ordinary boy named ADAM who gained super strength after an encounter with a magical giant archer fish – just like the legend of Brunei’s mythical hero, Awang Semaun. Initially reluctant, Adam soon finds the hero within him and set out to become a superhero for Brunei.

When dark forces rises and threatens the peace in Brunei, it is up to Adam and his allies to stop it and uphold the country as a DARUSSALAM – an Abode of Peace.

What if Superman and Batman were Bruneians?

That was the question that I’ve asked myself when I was a kid and I’ve pondered with the possible answers ever since.

I’ve always wanted to see an epic blockbuster type action movie set in Brunei. And there’s nothing more epic than a timeless superhero story.

The aim is to take elements of the classic superhero mythos – whether it be the Superman or Batman mythos – and try to fit it in a Bruneian setting.

Guardians of Darussalam

To me, a story about a Bruneian superhero should have elements from major superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman while tackling social themes relevant to Brunei. There is no point in telling a story without touching on subjects that we can relate to.

It is also important to ground it on local legends. We have our own legendary heroes: the super strength Herculean Awang Semaun – brother of the first Bruneian Sultan and Awang Jerambak – a man with lots of extraordinary weapons. I have taken some liberties on their myths/legends to fit in with the themes of the story.


The story is set in a heightened reality/fictional/alternate version of Brunei – a small  state at the northern part of the Borneo Island . Certain elements with real life basis are exaggerated or modified to serve the type of story being presented.


The current plan is to tell this story in three ‘Volumes’

Volume I – Origin. This will be straightforward: the Whys and Hows of the person becoming a superhero/hero.

Volume II – Crossover. Nothing is more exciting than  one superhero crossing paths with another superhero – whether in comics, cartoons or movies. Also, the public’s reactions and how the superheroes react to those reactions will hopefully be explored.

Volume III – Crisis. Final battle against the supervillain.

You can read all the chapters HERE

Although I originally envisioned this as a live action movie or a comic, I thought it would be better if I can initially just write it and let it out of head. Maybe someone who’s more capable and talented would adapt/remake this in another medium.

I accept any feedback or suggestions.