Chapter 2 – Liza

This story is set in a fictional / alternate version of Brunei. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Chapter 2: Liza

September 2012
Kiulap Shophouses – Day


Hanim is covering her face and crying in pain while her boyfriend and his two friends are laughing.

Douchebag BF: Nasib saja inda ku tampar kau brabis lagi! Mun inda wah, ke siring mua mu kali! Nada laki-laki beguna! Begatal tah kau lagi!
(Be thankful that I didn’t slap your face even harder! If I did, your face would’ve fucked up to side! And no guys would’ve fucking want you! That’s what you get for being a fucking slut!)

The douchebag boyfriend is using the fact that she was talking to a guy – just a classmate – as an excuse to abuse her.

Hanim is afraid of him. What’s worst is that she’s afraid of leaving him. What should I do? How should I tell him to stop? How would he react? Where would I go? Everyone will be talking about me I’m useless. I’m stupid.

Douchebag BF: NANGIS LAGI! Atu saja pandai mu!
(Yeah, just cry your ass off! That’s all you know, bitch!)

When Hanim refuses to join him, he grabs her arm and forcefully drags her.

Liza: Oi! Bahapa kamu tu?!
(Hey! What the hell are you guys doing?!)

Liza and her friends show up to check the commotion just behind her gym.

Douchebag BF: Eh Dang, kau jangan masuk campur! Ani bukan hal mu ni!
(Hey girl, don’t you get involve in this shit! This is none of your business)

Liza: Kamu ani kira mengganggu ketenteraman kawasan kadai kami. So ani hal kami jua ni.
(You guys are disturbing the peace in our premises. So it IS our business)

More people arrive at the back-alley just to see what all noise was about. The guy forcefully grabs Hanim’s arm and drag her to come with him. Hanim shows a bit of resistance.

Liza: Jangan tah memaksa bini-bini atu kalau iya inda mau ikut.
(Don’t force her to come with you if she doesn’t want to)

The douchebag gets agitated when more people start to gather around to see what is up.

Douchebag BF:  Eh dang, baik saja mua mu ani lawa bah. Kalau inda wah, ku tampar kau sudah!
(You’re lucky that you got a pretty face because if it wasn’t, I would’ve slap you already)

Liza: Tampar-tampar saja ni eh, nada lain. Atu saja pandai mu kah? Kalah lagi bini-bini
(Is that all you know? Bitch slapping people?  You’re worse than a girl)

The crowd laugh.

Douchebag BF: *looks around the crowd* Cali? CALI?! Minta kana tumbuk kali kau ani?!
(You think it’s funny?! YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY?! Bitch, you’re asking for it, aren’t you?!)

Liza: Eh sudah lah kau.
(Whatever, dude)

The douchebag isn’t thinking clearly and lunge towards Liza for a punch. Liza swiftly grabs his arm and throws him to the ground!

The crowd starts to cheer. The douchebag stands up and hastily lunge at Liza again only to get humiliated again when he finds himself thrown to the ground again! The crowd laugh and most of them are recording the scene with their phones.

The douchebag ain’t done yet. No one humiliates me. No one! He stands up and goes for another hit but few guys from the crowd intervene. A security guard from the nearby shop arrives to apprehend him.

As the crowd gets rowdy and starts booing the douchebag, Liza notices a tearful Hanim all alone leaning against the wall. Liza wraps her arm around Hanim’s shoulder.

Liza: It’s gonna be okay


Growing up, Liza was instilled with strong moral discipline and independence by her father, Detective Rahman – a veteran police officer known for his toughness and competence in the Major Crimes Division. Now at the age of 25, Liza manages her own fitness center – ‘Fitness Square‘. She also gained a following through her social media accounts under the username ‘Dayang Dynamite‘.

Liza sees Hanim as a girl with low self-esteem which makes her susceptible to getting involved in abusive relationship. Liza decides to take her to the gym and help her workout. The least she can do is build up a sense of self-confidence for Hanim.

Tutong – Day

Adam gets called to the office of his boss and late father’s friend, Uncle Lim. A customer recently complained that his car was damaged by Adam while he was working on it at the auto workshop.

Adam has been struggling to control his new-found super strength and this incident was just another bump in the learning process.

Adam tells Uncle Lim that he’s quitting the job because of this accident. Uncle Lim refuses to let Adam go and vows to help Adam in any way in dealing with his super strength – only Uncle Lim, his wife, Adam’s girlfriend Aisyah and Adam’s family know about his newfound ability.

Adam’s father saved Uncle Lim’s life and he has since then vowed to take care of Adam in return – like giving him a job at the Auto workshop. Adam is grateful to Uncle Lim but tells him that he does not owe Adam’s family anything.

Fitness Square
Kiulap – Day

One morning, Liza is shocked to see her gym suffered a break-in and is thrashed badly. Later that day, she gets informed that Hanim is being hospitalized after an attack by her ex-boyfriend and his friends.

Liza rushes to the hospital only to find out that Hanim did not make it – she suffered major injury and passed away. She was only 17.

Muara-Tutong Highway – Day

Adam is driving on the highway and thinking about his super strength.

Why me? Why am I punished with this curse? This thing will push people away from me. Uncle Lim wouldn’t want me messing at the car workshop. Aisyah would be better off  concentrating on her studies than deal with a freak like me. And my family…


Adam is too distracted with his thoughts to notice that an out-of-control car is speeding towards him!! By the time Adam realize it and hit the brakes, it was already too late. BAAAMMM!!! The car smashes onto his car and it spins out of control and crashes through the barrier and flips over.

Fitness Square
Kiulap – Day

Liza is clearing things up at her gym – or what’s left of it – with her friend, Wirdah, a newspaper journalist working for The Daily Brunei.

Wirdah: Just so you know, we’re writing a special piece on women and child abuse for the paper and I was just thinking whether you would like to help us on it.

Liza: You want to interview me? Ask me how I feel about that poor girl Hanim?

Wirdah: Look, if you don’t want to…

Liza: I appreciate that The Daily Brunei is trying to raise public awareness on the issue of women abuse but that is not enough.

Liza looks around what’s left of her gym.

Liza: I have plans to rebuild this place into something more. I now know what I will do.

Wirdah: And what’s that?

Liza: I’m not gonna let another girl end up dead like her.

Muara-Tutong Highway – Day

Adam dizzyingly gets out of his wrecked car without a single scratch. He scans the area  and realizes that he got caught in a four-car accident.


Adam hears the plea and he sees a guy stuck in one of the burning wrecked cars. The door is jammed and he doesn’t have enough room to maneuver his body.

Adam rushes in and RIPS the door open! Ali is shocked to see Adam’s super strength but before he can fully comprehend it, he gets pulled by Adam to a safe distance.


Adam: Ok kau wang?
(You okay?)

Ali: *state of shock* Yeah

Ali looks at the car door lying on the highway. This guy just flung that freakin door!!

And that is the day when Ali realize that he just met a real life superhero.

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