Chapter 6 – TAHUN SATU part 2

This story is set in a fictional / alternate version of Brunei. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

February 2013

Secluded area of Jerudong Beach – Night

Three gang members, bound and gagged, get dragged out of the car by a group of men. One of the captive is ‘Boboi’, leader of the gang whose business has been targeted by Kapten Brunei and Balau Man in the last four months.

The kidnappers force the three captive to get on their knees. In front of them stands their leader, an imposing man known only as ‘Si Manis‘. Little is known about Si Manis and his group other than they seem to have been supplying the Khayalan-7 drugs.

‘Si Manis’ is disappointed at how Boboi’s gang is always the target of attacks by Kapten Brunei. It cost Si Manis a lot of money and many of their best dealers have been arrested. Si Manis thinks that someone has to be punished for all the trouble.

A white figure steps out of the shadows behind one of the trees – this is the White Ninja. He slowly approaches the three men with his katanna in his hand .

Si Manis stands above Boboi and threatens him in a calm but menacing voice.

Si Manis: Kalau kau inda bayar kerugian kami dalam empat bulan, kawan ku yg baju putih ani akan bunuh si awang ani *points at one of the gang member* Paham rundingan aku atu?
(If you don’t pay our loss within four months, my white clothed sword wielding friend here will kill this guy  *points at one of the gang member* Do you understand the deal?)

Boboi and the other two nod their heads.

Si Manis: *orders his men* Drop kan dorang dua di tempat buang sampah.
(*orders his men* Drop them at the landfill)

The men drags the three – Boboi and his two henchmen – back to the van.

Si Manis: Eh tunggu! Nya ku bawa dorang dua, bukan tiga. *points at one of the gang member* Seorang ani tinggal.
(Wait! I said take the two.  *points at one of the gang member* This one stays.)

Suddenly…SWHOOOOSSSSHH!!!! The White Ninja swiftly beheads that gang member clean off!!!

Si Manis: Rundingan ku untuk nyawa seorang saja. Nyawa si ani *points to the headless body on the beach* inda termasuk dalam rundingan tadi.
(My negotiation was for one person’s life only. The other guy’s life *points to the headless body on the beach* was not under that negotiation)

Si Manis’ men set the dead corpse on fire. This dude is dangerous.


Part 2



That is the title of today’s blog post from Jafar’s website.

Adam and Team Kapten (Ali, Fiqah, Saiful and Hazwan) have all finished reading it together. In short, Jafar wants Kapten Brunei to step out to the public to allay fears and clear out any misunderstandings. Jafar also openly invited Kapten Brunei or Balau Man to contact him so he can arrange a proper dialogue with the public.

Saiful thinks that Jafar just wants publicity for himself but Adam agrees with some of the things Jafar mentioned in his blog post. Currently, people are more cautious than admiring Kapten Brunei. Hiding in the shadows and acting mysterious may get the people talking but it doesn’t do anyone good in the long run.

Adam thinks that the gang members and the drug trade have decreased in the last four months due to activities of Kapten Brunei, Balau Man and the police. He believes that maybe it is time to focus more on trying to portray Kapten Brunei as a role model and a hero that ordinary Bruneians can look up to – going back to the roots of Ali’s concept of a Bruneian superhero that he initially explained to Adam.

They all eventually agree to reach out to Jafar for help in pushing Kapten Brunei into the public limelight but they also agree to be cautious of Jafar and his intentions.

Abandoned Warehouse, Muara – Day

Marina enters an abandoned warehouse with a bag of food takeouts.

She makes her way to a birdcage elevator on the far end and it takes her down to a basement level – a room full of computers and other electronic equipments.

Welcome to the Balau Man Lair!

Marina sees Ridzuan busy in front of the computer monitors trying to processed all the information he has gathered.

Ridzuan  comes from a wealthy and educated family in Brunei that owns one of the biggest company in the country – the Bukhari Enterprise. Five months ago, Ridzuan returned to Brunei from UK and decided to become ‘Balau Man‘ to fight crime in Brunei from outside the law – partly inspired by his time in Paris when he encountered a masked vigilante hero.

Marina: Brought you some food

Ridzuan: Thanks, Auntie.

Marina or ‘Auntie Mar’ is the family’s long time Filipina driver/maid. She raised Ridzuan like her own son. Marina was at first reluctant at the idea of Ridzuan becoming a Balau Man but accepted his request for help anyway because she wouldn’t trust anyone else to look after him.

Marina looks around the Lair.

Marina: This place used to be a sore thumb to the company. It was supposed to be an office for the company’s technology division or something, Auntie cannot remember exactly. Then the economic crisis came and your father paid the price.

Marina was referring to the  ‘Bukhari Tactical Support Service‘ (BTSS), the brainchild of Ridzuan’s late father Pengiran Tirmidzi. It was supposed to be a subsidiary of their family’s Bukhari Enterprise focusing on defense technology.

Marina: Did Bakhri know you’re taking over this warehouse?

Ridzuan: He gave me everything from the BTSS. As far as he is concerned, he is glad that this warehouse is not his problem anymore.

Bakhri is Ridzuan’s half-brother and current head of the Bukhari Enterprise. There has been a semi-falling out between the families of the half siblings ever since the father married his second wife (Ridzuan’s mother) after the death of the first wife. But ever since the death of their father, Bakhri decided to bury the hatchet and offered Ridzuan to participate in the company.

Marina looks at the multiple monitors in front of Ridzuan.

Marina: So  what are we seeing here?

Ridzuan: A gang member went missing for few days now which means that he’s probably dead. And he was one of the top dogs of the gang too. He’s too important to go missing like that so I guess he was killed by someone.

Marina: Rival gang? The drug supplier? The ‘White Ninja’ that they told you about?

Ridzuan: Speaking of the White Ninja, I did some research on it. Turns out the earliest sightings of the White Ninja in Brunei was back in the Second World War where it was believed to be a covert enforcer for the Japanese imperial forces. And take this…

Ridzuan opens a new window on his monitor with information on the legend of the White Ninja.

Ridzuan: Legend has it that the cult of the White Ninjas was involved in dark magic and demon worshipping. They had been referred to various funny names throughout the centuries. Some call them the The Foot. Some call them the The Hand.

Marina: You’re saying that a devil worshipping Ninja cult is behind this?

Ridzuan: No, I think it’s just somebody trying to use the legend of the White Ninja to scare people.

Marina: Then Balau Man and him have something in common. You two should definitely meet and exchange notes. And speaking of meeting up, I hope you can show up tonight at the family function. Who knows, you might meet a special girl tonight.

Ridzuan: I doubt it. It’s not in my interest for now.

Marina: What do you mean? Wait, are you….?

Ridzuan: What?

Marina: You know…not interested in girls anymore?

Ridzuan: *laughs* I’m not gay.

Marina: Well, not that I have a problem with whatever type of you like. The point is, I just want to see you happy with someone and settle down.

Ridzuan: I will, Auntie, but not now. Once this country and its people learn to stand up against these criminals, I will stop. And then I promise you, I will find someone and raise a family.

Marina: And when will that be? How will you know when things get better?

Ridzuan: Things are already improving. Liza’s women empowerment movement, Akmal and the cops are stepping up their operations on these criminals, and drug trades are getting less frequent.

Marina: Less frequent but more secured. You saw how many of them were guarding the perimeter that night. They were scared of you and Kapten Brunei. Do you ever wonder if Balau Man is actually making things worse?

Ridzuan: Improvements outweighs the growing risks.

Marina: Well I hope you’re right, Ridz. I hope Balau Man doesn’t make things worse.

Ridzuan: I would be more worried about Kapten Brunei than Balau Man.

Ridzuan points to a monitor screen with the headline “HAVE NO FEAR, CAPTAIN BRUNEI. HAVE YOUR SAY” from Jafar’s Blog.

Ridzuan: He may cause problems if he responds to that.

Ridzuan stares at the monitor and wonders what will Kapten Brunei do.

Jafar’s Residence – Day

The security guard couldn’t believe his eyes!

In front of him is Kapten Brunei himself, with his arms up in the air as a proof that he’s not a threat, asking to meet Jafar.

The security guards receives an order to handcuff Kapten Brunei and be brought before Jafar inside the house. Kapten doesn’t resist and thinks this is the only way to gain Jafar’s trust and show him that he is not a threat.

Jafar is a wealthy businessman living in a tightly guarded compound. He also runs Jafar’s Corner – the hottest blog in country. While the other popular local blog have become more mainstream (deals with food, photography, movie reviews and covering social events), Jafar aggressively decided to take his blog to another direction by relishing on juicy gossips, rumours and hot button issues. This garnered him many fans as well as haters.

Kapten is escorted with handcuffs through a hallway that only leads to Jafar’s private work room. Sure, they don’t have guns but why do they have handcuffs?

Jafar: Assalamualaikum, Kapten Brunei! Welcome!

Jafar warmly welcomes Kapten with a smile while his stern looking personal bodyguard, Abu, looks on from the corner of the room.

Jafar: Apologies for the handcuffs. Abu, can you uncuff him?

Abu proceeds to uncuff Kapten Brunei without taking his eyes off Kapten. Don’t try to do anything stupid.

Jafar: I hope that you understand that atu sebanarnya untuk percautions saja. Maklum lah, orang seperti aku ani banyak enemies.
(I hope you understand that all of that was for precautionary measures. People like me have lots of enemies)

Kapten is a bit befuddled by that. Enemies? What kind of enemies? Why would he think he has lots of enemies? Kapten Brunei personally thinks that Jafar is just being too paranoid. The richer you are, the more things you can lose.

But that’s not something important for Kapten Brunei to dwell into right now. He’s here because of the offer. He wants Jafar to help him promote Kapten Brunei to the public.

Jafar: And what do I get in return?

Kapten: Publicity untuk business kita yang lain.
(Publicity for your other businesses)

Kapten also takes the opportunity to ask Jafar a favour. He passes Jafar Ali’s drawing of the original proposed costume together with his body measurements. Kapten wants Jafar to help him sponsor this costume.

brunei superhero

Jafar: Cemana aku contact kita?
(How am I going to contact you)

Kapten: Message saja arah Facebook page atau Instagram.
(Just message me on the Facebook page or on Instagram)

Jafar: Wait, are you telling me that Kapten Brunei facebook page is not a fan page? And you actually run that?

Kapten: Yes

Jafar: *laughs* Ku pikir I have to shoot a flare into the sky or something ridiculous.  A real life superhero using social media. I really like that, Kapten Brunei.

Bakhri’s residence
Telanai – Night

It is the 40th anniversary of the Bukhari Company and a big outdoor function is held at the garden outside Bakhri’s residence. Most of the who’s who of Brunei gets invited to the function.

What the hell am I doing here? It’s a strange feeling for Ridzuan. Obviously, this is a celebration for his family.

Yeah, that’s right, his family. For a long time, ‘family’ meant only his father, mother and younger sister. The Bukhari Company and everyone from his father’s first wife’s side….that was his father’s other family, not his. But now that his half-brother Bakhri welcomed him into the company, Ridzuan is now faced with strange faces suddenly paying attention to him.

Guest: Well, it’s nice meeting you. And best of luck to everything.

Ridzuan: Thank you and best of luck to you too.

Ridzuan shakes the guy’s hand with  a smile on his face. As the person walks away, Ridzuan  breathe a sigh of relief. Meeting and talking with people that he’s pretending to be interested in is exhausting for him. As opposed to punching bad guys at night while dressing up as a ghoul, that is. 

Syazwana: Well look who’s Mr. Popular now.

Ridzuan turns around to see his more outgoing younger sister. The siblings have a tight bond as they have been there for each other throughout all the many countries they’ve moved to. But it was only in recent years that they have separated when Ridzuan was studying at a University ain London while Syazwana stayed in Brunei.

Ridzuan: My last name is popular, not me.

Syazwana: Don’t be such a downer. Just let loose for once. It is our family’s party.

Ridzuan: Is it though?

Syazwana: I thought you’re already cool with Abang Bakhri.

Ridzuan: I am. It’s just…feels weird.

Syazwana: You think you’re the only one who feels weird? Me and Mom…we can see past all these two face people.

Akmal: Hey Ridz!

Detective Akmal – Ridzuan’s childhood friend – walks up to them. He is a young and promising officer in  the Major Crimes Division (MCD) of the police force. He has been involved in cases dealing with the drug trade and criminal gangs.

Akmal: Can I talk you for a second?

Ridzuan: Sure, what’s up?

Akmal: Can I talk to you…*looks at Syazwana* …in private?

Syazwana got the hint.

Syazwana: Urgh, fine.

Akmal: Sorry Syaz, it’s…’boys talk’

Syazwana: At least Abang Ridz would enjoy talking to his ‘boyfriend’ instead of the rest of people here.

Akmal and Ridzuan goes inside the house.

Akmal: See that girl in red over there.

Akmal points through the window and Ridzuan sees a pretty girl in a red dress talking to her friends

Akmal: She’s been looking at you all night.

Ridzuan: The fact that you noticed means that you’ve been looking at her.

Akmal: You should talk to her. She’s clearly interested in you.

Ridzuan: Maybe.

Ridzuan continues drinking, clearly disinterested. Seriously, Akmal? I know you want to talk about Balau Man.

Akmal: Come on, you have nothing to lose. It’s  your family’s function. Just see it as you treating your guests.

Ridzuan: Girls like that are probably just interested in my money and status.  If it’s not for her then it’s for her mom.

Akmal: Seriously, Ridz? Are you still hung up over that Russian Greek girl that you dated in London?

Ridzuan: She was French.

Akmal: Whatever. Just be thankful that girls are actually staring at you. Sometimes, I just have a feeling that you’re not grateful at all the privileges you have here.

Ridzuan: It has  been a blessing and a curse.

Akmal: Whatever you say, Ridz.

Akmal takes a sip from his drink. After a pause, he says…

Akmal: So did you hear about the whole Captain Brunei and Balau Man incident at the school?

You couldn’t come up with a less obvious segue-way?! 

Ridzuan: I read about it on the internet.

Ridzuan takes another sip of is drink. Here we go.

Akmal: Crazy huh?

Ridzuan: Sure is.

Akmal: Although I have to say that it’s pretty cool that we have superheroes in Brunei now.

Ridzuan snaps back at  Akmal.

Ridzuan: I thought you don’t like people taking the law into their own hands?

 Let’s cut the chit chat.

Akmal: Do you like taking the law into your own hands?

Ridzuan and Akmal pauses and stares at each other. Here we go.

Ridzuan: Look, that incident with the gang members was just a one time thing.

Akmal: Really? That’s a shame. I thought you would’ve been an awesome superhero. You would’ve-

Ridzuan: Let’s cut all the bullshit and just say what you want to say.

Ridzuan places his drink on the table. Let’s talk about this.

Ridzuan: I know you didn’t bring me here to talk about that random girl in the red dress.

Akmal places his drink on the table too. You wanna talk? Let’s talk.

Akmal: I want you to stop this whole Balau Man thing.

Ridzuan: What makes you think I’m Balau Man?

Akmal: Because I figured that Captain Brunei would be too lame of a gimmick for your taste.

Ridzuan: I’m doing you guys a favour

Akmal: You can do that by joining the police. Or you can file a report to us just like any other good citizen.

Ridzuan: I can’t rely on the bureaucracy for you guys to take action.

Akmal: We think in long terms. We gather as much intel and try to hit them where they hurt the most. Cripple them in one whole swoop.

Ridzuan: And that’s what I’m trying to do with the intel I leave behind for you guys. We’re on the same page here.

Akmal: What you’re doing is strike each of their meeting and–

Ridzuan: Giving them pressure and pushing them to their limit.

Akmal: No, pushing them to desperation! When they get desperate, they get crazier and more dangerous. Heck, they already beefed up their security in these meetings. They had like, what? 15 to 20 guys on the school perimeter that night? You were lucky that this Captain Brunei guy was there to distract them from you.

Ridzuan: I had it under control until Captain Brunei showed up and didn’t know how to hide his ass. He was the one that almost got us killed. You guys should be focusing on catching an amateur like him instead of Balau Man.

Akmal: Balau Man is a danger to the community as much as he is. Seriously, what did you want to accomplish with this whole thing?

Ridzuan: I want Balau Man to expose the ugly side of society and teach others that we shouldn’t be afraid and stand up against them. Like I’ve told you before.

Akmal: A lot people don’t want to be exposed to the ugly side of our society, Ridz. They would rather be ignorant of it and let the relevant authorities handle them. It’s safer that way.

Ridzuan: I get it, we rather be ignorant and let the police do their job so we can feel safe. But do you know what happened the last time we did that? A teenage girl got brutally beaten up and died.

Akmal: Be careful of what you’re saying, Ridz.

Ridzuan: Let’s stop lying to ourselves. The more we lie to ourselves and think that there’s nothing bad in our community, the more these criminals feel that they can get away with doing more horrible things. We can all work together before things get worse.

Akmal: I have a job and I’m not gonna risk losing it because of you roleplaying Batman.

Ridzuan: So it’s between a job and a friend, huh?

Akmal: No, it’s between a job and a friend who’s clearly out of his mind and endangering not only himself but others too.

Ridzuan: I guess we now know where we both stand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have guests to attend to.

Ridzuan walks away.

Akmal: Ridz, I’m asking you to stop this as a friend. If not, I might have to stop you as a cop.

Ridzuan: Your concerns are duly noted.

He says it in an insincere tone as he walks away without looking back at Akmal.

Bakhri’s residence
Telanai – Night

Meanwhile outside at the garden, Vivian is looking around the food table.

Jafar: Are you here for a story?

Vivian looks up to see Jafar with a smug on his face. Great, this creep!

Vivian: No. I let my colleague cover that.

Vivian looks over to Azim on the far end of the garden. He is covering this event for the The Daily Brunei.

Jafar: Ah yes, I forgot.

Jafar says it in a sarcastic tone.

Jafar: You don’t write much anymore because you’re the boss now. Congratulations.

Vivian and Jafar have butt heads before back when she was the young up and coming outspoken reporter while Jafar was starting to flex his muscle in the social media game with his often sensational posts.

Vivian: I read that you’ve invited Captain Brunei to speak up publicly.

Jafar: Yes I did and don’t worry, I will surely invite The Daily Brunei to the event.

Vivian: Why did you invite him?

Jafar: Because I think the public deserves to hear from him. I’m simply just giving him a proper venue.

Vivian: So it’s for the public interest. But what’s in it for you?

Jafar: You’re just jealous that The Daily Brunei didn’t thought about it first, aren’t you?

Vivian: I’m just concerned about the implication of it all. If you bring Captain Brunei out into the open, you might be bringing the criminals he fought out into the open as well.

Jafar: Or maybe it won’t. Guess we’ll just have to find out in a month or so because Captain Brunei have agreed to show up. You can ask him that question directly.

Vivian: What?

Jafar: He met me this morning.

Jafar took the muffins off the table and bites it.

Jafar: *chewing* And he said yes. *swallows* This is really delicious. You should have it.

Jafar walks away with the muffins in his hands.

Jafar: I’ll send you the invites to the event. Enjoy the rest of the night!

What a douche.

March 2013
The Mall
Gadong – Day

After weeks of promotion and hype, the day has finally arrived for Kapten Brunei’s first public press conference event sponsored by Jafar. All of the country’s media bodies are there from RTB to the newspapers and all the bloggers.

The crowd have also gathered to witness Kapten’s public debut – so large that they had to set up a giant projector screen outside of the Mall for those who didn’t get inside. The event is also streamed live on Jafar’s website.

Aisyah, Amalina and ‘Team Kapten’ (Ali, Fiqah, Saiful and Hazwan) are there to support Kapten Brunei’s public debut but they decided to be standing a bit further back so as to not arouse any suspicion.

Liza is also there and getting some selfies from her own fans as well. And so was Ridzuan, who wants to get a close look at his ‘fellow superhero’

Meanwhile behind the curtain, Adam is feeling nervous. Not even super strength can fight this nervous feeling.

Jafar: Ladies and gentlemen, the FIRST BRUNEI SUPERHERO! KAPTEN BRUNEI!!!

Adam: *takes a deep breath*  Bismillah

Adam comes out of the curtain to thunderous applause and cheers. Ali couldn’t help but feel happy to see Adam/Kapten Brunei wear the new suit – a close recreation of the Captain America suit but with a Yellow, Black and White colour scheme and  the   Brunei Crest in the middle of his chest – just like Ali’s original sketch.

The event plays out like an informal talk show with Jafar playing the hosting duties. Kapten feels nervous and gives out few short answers to the questions (some of them were scripted before hand). But Kapten eventually gets the hang of it and begins to get more relaxed. The interview slowly begins to feel like a casual conversation. Kapten Brunei wins the audience with a healthy mix of his humour, everyman attitude and earnest motivations.

Kapten Brunei is also hitting the right notes: by championing the ‘Belia Benci Dadah’ (youth against drugs) campaign, the importance of upholding MIB (Melayu Islam Beraja/Malay Islamic Monarchy), call for active co-operation with the police and authority. So far so good!

He also demonstrates his super strength by lifting cars and tells the crowd about how he got his super powers – from an encounter with a magical Archer Fish just like the legend of Awang Semaun.

Then comes the Q & A sessions from the audience. It goes smoothly at first until Vivian’s turn

Vivian: Hi Kapten Brunei. My name is Vivian Lam from THE DAILY BRUNEI. First of all, I would like to praise you for being brave enough to show up here and engage with the public. I think all superheroes should do that.

The crowd laughs at the dig on Balau Man. Ridzuan just snickers at the comment.

Vivian: I admire your fight against criminals in the past four months. But have you ever consider that these actions might push the criminals to come out and endanger more lives?

Jafar: Thank you, Vivian. I feel like I should be answering this question for…

Kapten Brunei cuts Jafar.

Kapten Brunei: Let me ask you, Miss Vivian. Are you afraid?

The crowd starts murmuring.

Vivian: Yes. I am afraid that things may get worse.

Kapten Brunei: Then I will tell you, don’t be afraid. Kapten Brunei is here.

The crowd explodes! ‘Wooooooooo!’

Kapten Brunei stands up and looks around the crowd.

Kapten Brunei: Are you all afraid? Kamu semua takut atau inda?

Mixed answers from the crowd. Some say yes, some say no and some shouting out stupid answers trying to be funny. Kan becali tapi inda menjadi.

Kapten Brunei: Jangan kamu takut arah geng-geng ani. Semakin kamu takut, semakin atu durang berani kan membuat kacau.
(Don’t be afraid of these criminal gangs. The more you are afraid of the criminals, the more they’ll be emboldened to cause trouble.)

The crowd cheers! Liza lets out a ‘Damn right!’ and claps.

Kapten Brunei: Tunjukkan kami inda takut! Tunjukkan kami cintai masyarakat kami.
(Show them that we are not afraid! Show them that we love our community).

Crowd cheers louder! Meanwhile, Ridzuan looks around the rowdy crowd and gets uncomfortable. Ridzuan wants Balau Man to inspire people to stand up against injustice, not encourage mob mentality. But this cocky idiot is gonna start a freakin mob! 

Kapten Brunei: We are better people and we don’t like people like them!

The crowd gives a rousing applause! Despite his not so perfect English, Kapten Brunei still manages to get the crowd going.

Kapten: Kami urang ber-adat MIB. Jangan sekali-kali kami tunduk pada urang-urang cemani ani.
(We are MIB principled men. We will never bow down to people like them)

Crowd goes wild! Aisyah and Amalina are impressed with Adam’s newfound confidence. Ali and Team Kapten looks around in awe at how well received Kapten Brunei is. Bruneians want a superhero and they will get it.

A few relatively harmless/silly questions from the audience follows:

Can you fly?

Kapten Brunei single?
Jodoh itu hanya di tangan Allah. Aku hanya mampu be-doa untuk dipertemukan dengan perempuan solehah
(It’s all up to Allah. I can only pray to be met with a pious woman)


Dengan kekuatan Kapten Brunei,  boleh kah Kapten Brunei menolong membuat jambatan dari Bandar ke Temburong?
(Can Captain Brunei help build the bridge from Bandar to Temburong?)

Mesti berunding dengan kerajaan dulu mengenai hal kerjasama
(Must negotiate with the Government concerning any cooperation)

Kampung ku selalu banjir. Buleh kah Kapten Brunei membuat lungkang yang basar lagi?
(Can Captain Brunei dig out a bigger sewer system to prevent my village from getting flooded)

Mesti tunggu approval plan dari kerajaan dulu. Inda buleh sesuka hati kan mengacau tanah kerajaan atau tanah urang.
(Must wait for government approval. I cannot dig on government or people’s properties without proper approval)

Can you go to Gaza? Or maybe join the peace keeping contingent at Lebanon?
(Jafar answered that question) The political situation in Gaza is much more complex involving many countries and a long complicated history. Fist fights cannot solve everything.

And the press conference ends. Kapten Brunei says farewell to crowd.

Kapten Brunei shakes Jafar’s hand and thanks him for everything. Even though Jafar is in it for the money and publicity, he couldn’t help but have a little sense of respect for Kapten Brunei.

Maybe, just maybe, we really do have a genuine superhero in the country.


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