Chapter 7 – TAHUN SATU part 3

This story is set in a fictional / alternate version of Brunei. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

 June 2013

In the last two months, Kapten Brunei went on a tour around Brunei and appearing in various charity and social events – signing autographs, interacting with the people, demonstrating his strength, giving motivational talks.

Adam gets paid for appearing in these events. He graciously wants to equally divide his earnings among his Kapten Brunei crew (Aisyah, Ali, Fiqah, Saiful and Hazwan). But they decide to refuse equal payments because they think that Adam and his family deserve the money more than them.

The country is caught by Kapten Brunei fever. But not everyone is a fan.

Living Room – Night

Boboi the gang leader’s blood boils as he watches a coverage of Kapten Brunei’s visit to Pusat Ehsan on TV in his living room – all scattered with empty bottles and all kinds of trash.

In a fit of rage, Boboi throws a glass bottle on the TV, breaking its screen!

No one wants to do business with him due to constant attacks by Kapten Brunei, a lot of his men were captured by the police and one of his trusted friend was killed by the White Ninja.

Kapten Brunei told everyone that they all shouldn’t be afraid of criminals. Well, Boboi will show everyone why Kapten Brunei and everyone else should be afraid of him!!


Part 3

The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

A delivery truck arrives at the parking lot.

The security guards asks the men about the content of the truck and they claim that they are office equipments. The security guards are suspicious because they weren’t told about any deliveries of large amount of office equipment coming that day. The guards ask the men to open the trunk.

The men obliges and opens it. HOLY SHIT! There are weapons inside!

And before the security guards say anything, BAM!! They get shot by the men. Boboi steps out of the truck and starts ordering his men to put the building on a lockdown and cutting off all security cameras. How the hell did these low life thugs get weapons and learn to coordinate an attack?

The armed men storms through the office and firing their guns in the air. The gang has taken control of the building and hold people hostage. However, several people manage to send quick texts and whatsapp messages to their families and friends with messages like “call the police now!” “Tlipun polis” “Help! Call police! Now” before their phones get confiscated by the gang members.

Boboi demands the cameras to be set up to record an interview. And he specifically wants Vivian to conduct that interview. He also wants the footage be live streamed over the internet.

Boboi: Dan aku mau kamu send link video atu ke semua orang! RTB, Borneo Bulletin, Brudirect, Brunei Times, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Si Jafar kah, Si Rano kah, MAMA MU KAH! SIAPA SAJA! Send arah semua urang!! Inda ku peduli!!!

(And I want you to send the video link to everyone! RTB, Borneo Bulletin, Brudirect, Brunei Times, Twitter, Facebook, Jafar, Rano, Tiger Lim, hell, you could even send it to your fucking Mom! Send it to anyone! I don’t give a shit!)

While they are busy setting up the cameras, young reporter Azim tries to be a hero and gets up to punch one of the thugs. Too bad he gets beaten up by the rest of the gang. Nice effort bro!  

Boboi begins to talk in front of the camera. He expresses how he lost everything – his money and friends – because of Kapten Brunei. He goes on and on about how things were good before Kapten Brunei ruined everything. And he challenges Kapten Brunei to come and face him.

Boboi: Kalau kau berani, DATANG KEMARI BAH! Kami ada senapang sudah! *shows his semi-automatic rifle* Bah Mari tah betumbuk kalau kau berani! Mun sekadar datang ke DST carnival menunjuk gagah arah kanak-kanak. Duuuuiii~~ Jangan tah dulu!

(COME HERE if you have the guts! We have guns now! *shows his Semi-automatic rifle* So what are you waiting for?! You scared?! Showing off your strength to a bunch of kids at the DST carnival ain’t mean shit!).

Team Kapten’s HQ
Batu Bersurat – Day

The Team quickly assembled at the Saiful’s rented creative space to discuss on how to respond.

Naturally they are apprehensive and scared because this isn’t what they are used to. This is different than the usual busting up drug trade in the middle of the night without any civilians in sight. This time, innocent lives are at stakes in broad daylight.

Adam reminded them what they all signed up for – what this whole Kapten Brunei project was all about – save and inspire people. Adam also reminded the team that none of them were prepared to undertake the crimebusting superhero business but they have managed to have gone this far because they have faith in each other.

And they will get through this the same way.

Outside The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

The police have surrounded the building and setting up barriers to control the crowd of people that have also gathered around the area.

Police Commissioner Ghafar arrive at the scene to meet with Sofian, the SWAT squad leader for a briefing of the situation. Detective Rahman and Akmal are there as well.

Sofian: Kami sudah cover semua perimeter ni, helicopter sudah mengililing di awan, spotters di bangunan-bangunan sebalahan. Iya ani terperangkap sudah ni, inda iya dapat escape. Gerenti, awang ani inda bepikiran panjang ni. Inda lagi batah iya surrender ni.

(We already cover the perimeters, helicopters flying around, spotters at the buildings nearby. He’s trapped and have nowhere to go. Looks like this guy isn’t that bright after all. He will surrender in any minute now)

Rahman: Atau iya membunoh orang. He’s not looking for an escape. Urang yang inda bepikiran panjang ani tah paling bahaya ni terutama sekali kalau iya ada senapang.

(Or he’ll start shooting someone. He’s not looking for an escape. Him being not bright makes him much more dangerous especially when he has a gun)

Sofian: Dari mana dorang dapat senapang atu?
(Where did he get those guns?)

Ghafar: Karang tah kami mikirkan tu. Priority sekarang ani adalah menyelamatkan  semua tebusan di dalam. First, aku mau helicopter atu trabang jauh-jauh sikit. Takut ya karang and inda pedah-pedah panic ya, di tembak nya urang.

(We’ll figure that out later. Our priority now is to rescue the hostages inside. First of all, I want the helicopter to fly further away from the building. It’s too intimidating and he might panic and starts shooting someone.)

Sofian: Kami ada entrance di sini *points at a back entrance building* Kami cuma guna satu distraction saja supaya kami boleh masuk secara senyap.

(We have an entrance right over here *points at a back entrance building* We just needed a distraction so we can come in undetected)


The cops are startled by the sudden rowdiness of the crowd behind them. It doesn’t take long to notice why – striding towards them in full yellow superhero costume is KAPTEN BRUNEI!

Kapten Brunei: Assalamualaikum, Tuan

Rahman is annoyed at Kapten Brunei. How dare he walks up to them with his colourful costume while they are trying to do their job.

Ghafar: Tahan ya!
(Apprehend him!)

Kapten: Aku buleh tulung, Tuan
(I can help, Sir)

Several cops try to push and drag Kapten Brunei away but he doesn’t move an inch. Karas badan nya, wang!

Rahman: Kau pikir ani main-main kah? Kau pikir ani macam movie superhero?
(You think this is all fun and games? You think this is some kind of a superhero movie?)

Kapten: Iya mau aku kemari, atu saja iya mau tu. Aku buleh bejumpa dengan iya supaya membagi masa bagi pasukan tuan untuk masuk.
(He only wants me. I can meet him to give your team time to move in noticing).

Akmal: The distraction.

Rahman: Inda, that is too risky.

“KAPTEN BRUNEI!!!!” A man shouts from the balcony of the building.

Everyone looks up to see Boboi holding a lady at gunpoint.


Boboi pushes the lady closer to the edge of the balcony as she screams.

Kapten looks at Commissioner Ghafar. Without saying anything, Commissioner Ghafar nods giving him approval to his proposed plan.

Kapten steps forward with his arms raised.

Kapten: Aku akan bejumpa dengan kita! Tapi kita mesti lapas kan bini-bini atu dulu barutah aku masuk
(I will meet you! But you must let that girl go first before I walk in)

Boboilet the lady go back inside the office.

Boboi: Jangan betabiat! Baik kau kemari sebelum aku tukar pikiran ku!
(OK! Get over here before I change my mind)

Rahman asks Commissioner Ghafar whether this is a good idea.

Ghafar: Kami ada limited option and time. Kami guna distraction dan…*looks at Kapten Brunei’s ridiculous bright yellow costume*….si Kapten Brunei boleh jadi distraction atu.
(We have limited options and time. We need a distraction and….*looks at Kapten Brunei’s ridiculous bright yellow costume*…. Kapten Brunei can be the perfect distraction)

Akmal passes a small recording and tracker device that Kapten Brunei can hide beneath his mask so he can communicate with the police. That’s when Akmal notices that he already has a listening device attached to his mask.

Akmal: Ani untuk kawan-kawan mu?
(This is for your friends?)

Kapten: Jangan khuatir, kawan-kawan ku akan bekerjasama dengan kamu
(Don’t worry, my friends will cooperate with you guys)

Akmal: Kawan mu yang bini-bini baju merah sama laki-laki baju biru atu kah?
(You mean that lady in red and that guy in blue)

Akmal points at the Aisyah and Ali among the crowd of people. Aisyah and Ali notices Akmal and pretend to look away . Buang kes tah banar.

Kapten: Cemana kau tau?
(How do you know?)

Akmal: Obvious berabis kali ah. Semua orang sibuk begambar while they look ingau and concerned for you.
(It’s so obvious. While everyone is busy taking photos, they looked worried and concerned for you)

Commissioner Ghafar interrupts them two.

Ghafar: Ready?

Kapten: Ready, Tuan

Rahman: Jangan kau sekali-kali biar dorang bunuh siapa-siapa
(Don’t you let them kill anyone)

Kapten: Nada urang akan mati hari ani. Atu janji ku kepada Tuan.
(I promise you, sir, no one will die today)

Kapten Brunei walks into the building with his arms raised. Here we go.

The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

Kapten Brunei is escorted by armed thugs to meet with Boboi in the main office where all the hostages are rounded up.

Kapten: Aku di sini seperti apa yang kau mau. Bah, lapaskan tia semua urang di office ani. Ani hal di antara aku dan kau. Nada kana mengana dengan pekerja-pekerja di bangunan ani.

(I’m came just as you asked me to. Now release the people in this office. This is between me and you. It doesn’t involve the workers in this building)

Boboi: Aku inda akan lapaskan dorang *walks towards the camera* Aku mahu kana bayar $1,000,000. Lapas atu baru tah ku lapaskan semua urang di bangunan ani. Kalau aku inda dapat usin atu dalam 24 jam, aku… *points his rifle to Vivian* Aku bunuh iya!

(I will not release them *walks towards the camera* I want $1,000,000 and then I release the hostages. If I don’t get the money within the next 24 hours *points his rifle to Vivian* I will kill her!)

Outside The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

Meanwhile, with the gang distracted by Kapten Brunei, the SWAT team moves into the building and swiftly takes out several thugs that’s guarding the building. Rahman and Akmal moves in as well.

They make their way up the building while listening to the whole exchange through Kapten Brunei’s recording device.

Rahman: Iya inda sadar nada urang meliat live stream nya atu
(He doesn’t know that no one is watching the live stream)

Akmal: Kenapa? Kana block kah?
(Why? Was it blocked)

Rahman: Awu. Semua apa yang iya cakap atu was never transmitted arah the internet.
(Yeah. All the things he said was never transmitted over the internet)

The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

Boboi is pointing his rifle on Vivian.

Boboi: Apa nya mu, Kapten? Apa nya mu arah kedia ani masa hari atu? Jangan takut. Kapten Brunei is here’ Nada urang rasa selamat oleh kau Kapten Brunei! Jangan tah kan si tahi kan jadi superhero!

(What was it you said to this lady, Captain Brunei? ‘Don’t be afraid. Captain Brunei is here’ Face it, no one is safe around you, Captain Brunei! You’re not a superhero!)

Kapten Brunei’s blood is boiling. He feels like he can just punch Boboi and destroy his face. But he has to calm himself down because any wrong move can cost the lives of the innocent people in this building.

Kapten: Aku bukan superhero. Aku mohon maaf kalau aku mungkin bertanggunjawab keatas keadaan mu sekarang ani. Tapi aku buleh tulung kau. Aku buleh mendapatkan keadilan bagi kawan-kawan mu yang kana bunuh uleh durang”
(I’m not a superhero. And I am sorry if I’m someway responsible for your predicament now. But I can help you. I can help you get justice for your friends who got killed by them).

Boboi let Vivian go and points his rifle at Kapten Brunei.

Boboi: Kau kan melawan geng-geng Khayalan-7?
(You’re going take on the Khayalan-7 gangs?)

Kapten: Awu, aku akan kalah kan durang semua. Atu janji ku kepada kau.
(Yes, I will take them all out. That’s a promise that I make to you.)

Boboi: Termasuk si Ninja yang putih atu?
(Including that Ninja in white?)

Kapten Brunei is confused.

Kapten: Ninja putih? Siapa Ninja Putih ani?
(White Ninja? Who’s the White Ninja?)

Then, the SWAT team throws a flashbang grenade into the office. BAM!! Kapten quickly grabs Boboi’s rifle and easily breaks it in half!! And knocks Boboi and he flies back against the wall!

The SWAT quickly move in to grab the hostages out of the room.

The remaining thugs goes on a panic mode and starts spraying bullets all over the office! Thankfully, all the hostages are out of the room except for Vivian. Despite being injured by the Kapten’s punch, Boboi manages to grab Vivian and takes her to the roof. Rahman catches him fleeing the scene and gives chase.

Outside The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

The loud noises within the building causes panic from the crowd outside.

But then everyone turn their focus on a large black flying object in the sky. Is that a bird? A plane? It shoots a red flare through the window.

The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

The flare crashes through the window of the office and distracts the thugs. A BLACK FIGURE swoops through the open window and disarms the thugs. It’s BALAU MAN!

There are still more thugs with guns and trying shoot Balau Man. He dodges the the bullets but not quick enough as his paragliding backpack takes the hit and is badly damaged. No more flying around then.

Kapten Brunei sees that Balau Man is in trouble. He grabs the thugs with guns and throws them across the office.

Roof of The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

Boboi takes Vivian to the roof. Rahman catches up to them.

Rahman: STOP! Nada lagi tempat kau berlari
(STOP! You have nowhere to run!)

Boboi: Siapa cakap aku kemari untuk berlari?
(Who said that I came here to run?)

Boboi pushes Vivian off the roof!!! Holy Shit!

Rahman: NOOO!!!

Boboi laughs and shoots Rahman in the chest. BANG! Rahman drops to the ground. Boboi has lost it!

The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

Kapten Brunei and Balau Man look up from the balcony on their floor and sees Vivian falling. Balau Man notices that his gliding pack was damaged by the shootout so he couldn’t go out to rescue her. Dammit! But Kapten Brunei doesn’t hesitate and leaps out of the window without any parachute!!!

Vivian screams as she plunges down until….

GOTCHA!!! Kapten Brunei CATCHES HER!!

Vivian holds on to Kapten Brunei for dear life! Wait, if Kapten Brunei catches her….then who catches him?! He’s not Superman! KAPTEN BRUNEI CAN’T FLY!

They crash on top of a parked car! BAAAAAM!!!!

Everyone rushes to gather around the wrecked car. Miraculously, Vivian survives because Kapten Brunei uses his body to shield her from the impact. Even more miraculous is that Kapten Brunei is still alive despite the impact!!

Vivian: Oh my God! Are you ok?!

Kapten: Yeah. Tapi belakang ku saja sakit sikit.
(Yeah. But I hurt my back a little.)

Yet, Kapten Brunei can still stand up and crowd burst out cheering and applauding. Kapten Brunei saves the lady!

Roof of The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

Boboi looks down from the roof and is completely shocked at the Kapten’s action. BANG!! His hand gets shot and his weapon falls to the ground. Rahman is still alive thanks to his bulletproof vest.

The SWAT team arrive to arrest Boboi.

The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

Meanwhile, Balau Man looks over the window to see Kapten Brunei survived the fall. That crazy son of a…

Akmal: Don’t move!

Balau Man turns around to find that he’s surrounded by the SWAT team with Akmal, his best friend, pointing a gun at him. Balau Man raises his hands.

Akmal: Don’t do anything stupid!

So it’s between a job and a friend, huh?

Balau Man throws a  flash grenade on the floor. BANG!! While Akmal and the team are blinded, Balau Man makes his escape by jumping out of the window and clings on the balcony of the floor below them. Balau Man breaks into the lower floor and makes his way out the building from there.

Outside The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Day

The crowd starts chanting ‘Kapten Brunei! Kapten Brunei! Kapten Brunei!’

Kapten Brunei goes on to address the crowd.

Kapten: Sebenarnya, bukan aku yang patut di surak ani. Hero yang sebanarnya ialah *points to the SWAT team* anggota polis diraja. Durang lah yang menyelamatkan pekerja-pekerja di bangunan ani, bukan aku.

(Actually, I’m not the one who should be praised. The real heroes are *points to the SWAT team* our royal police force. They were the ones who saved those workers in the building, not me.)

Crowd applauds the police.

Kapten: Dan juga Balau Man *looks around to find him* Di mana ya?
(And also Balau Man *looks around to find him* Where is he?)

Akmal: He’s gone.

Rahman, Akmal and some SWAT team member brings out the thugs in handcuffs. The crowd gets rowdy.

Vivian is taken into the back of the ambulance where her husband, who is a doctor, is waiting for her along with their daughter Stephanie.

Kapten Brunei drops by and apologizes to Vivian because he thinks it’s his fault that she was targeted by the gang. Vivian tells him to not worry about it and thanks him for saving her life.

Vivian introduces her husband and daughter to Kapten Brunei. Little Stephanie is beyond excited to meet Kapten Brunei.

Stephanie: Thank you for saving Mommy. You are a hero!

Kapten Brunei kneels down and pat her little head.

Kapten: Now sekarang, it is you punya turn to jaga your mommy. You are Mommy punya hero now.

More people surround Kapten Brunei to congratulate him. Kapten Brunei has cemented his mark on the people’s hearts and minds.

Team Kapten’s HQ
Batu Bersurat – Day

For Kapten Brunei’s help, the authority had rewarded the Kapten and his team a large sum of money. They decide to use the money to open a shop that would serve as a front for their new base of operation.

Ali: It should be a comic book shop.

Saiful: More of a DVD shop. I think that’s much better.

Hazwan: That also sells some videogames and toys.

Fiqah: And books.

Hazwan: Ali already said comic books

Fiqah: I’m talking about REAL books, idiot.

Saiful: Let’s limit ourselves a bit. We’re not gonna sell everything under the sun like HMV.

Ali: We’ll figure out the specifics later.

Fiqah: Whatever it is, I have the perfect name for our shop.

Hazwan: What?

Fiqah is giddy to reveal her amazing idea.

Fiqah: Welcome to….*raises her hands* KINGDOM OF FANDOM

 The others don’t look too impressed. Errmmmmm.

Fiqah: Well basically, we’re in a Kingdom of Brunei and we’re selling stuff that caters to  fandoms.

Errrrrrr. The others are still unsure.

Fiqah: Come on guys! It’s a cool name. And it RHYMES!

Hazwan: Erm~ Well~

Fiqah: Man, you guys suck!

Ali: How about FANDOM KINGDOM. We switch it up a bit. It’s always better when we switch it up. Like, instead of ‘Hard to Die’, it’s DIE HARD. Or ‘War in the Stars’, it’s STAR WARS.

Saiful: How about we let Adam decide. Kapten Brunei has the final say.

Ali: So cemana, Adam? Fandom Kingdom?

They all look at Adam and Aisyah who have been quiet at the corner of the room. They just shrugged. They don’t  really care about the naming of the shop.

Adam: Mana saja.

Ali: That’s a yes from Kapten Brunei then Fandom Kingdom it is.

Saiful: What? He said ‘Mana saja’, bukan ‘yes’

And they continue to argue.

Jafar’s Residence – Night

Jafar and his personal bodyguard Abu watches the news on heroic acts of Kapten Brunei and the police force. The news also report that the police have confiscated several illegal arms from the captured thugs.

Jafar: Abu, please tell me that I shouldn’t be worried about the weapons.

Abu: I have made sure that the police will not be able to trace back the origin of the weapons back to us.

Turns out, Jafar is also involved in arms smuggling operations!

Jafar: Good. Although they didn’t get to kill that bitch Vivian just like what I’d hope but at least the people went gaga over the heroics of Kapten Brunei. Any publicity is good publicity. More opportunities for us.

Jafar toasts his drink with Abu. Jafar seems to be trying to have his fingers on both sides of the conflict and gain any benefits from it. What a piece of work this guy is.

Vivian’s house
Jangsak – Night

 The Daily Brunei closed down after the hostage incident and it is still uncertain whether The Daily Brunei will ever return. Neverthless, Vivian has lots of job opportunities elsewhere but she’s in no rush.

Vivian is at home recovering and having a doctor for a husband helps too. Ironically, she now does something that she wasn’t a big fan of initially – Online Blogging. Her first post is about the impact of Kapten Brunei and Balau Man on the people and the country titled ‘BRUNEI’S FINEST: The  Emergence of Kapten Brunei and Balau Man

But the best part about working from home? She gets to spend a bit more time with her daughter.

Roof of The Daily Brunei HQ
Gadong – Night

Balau Man  finds Kapten Brunei  on the rooftop of the closed down Daily Brunei building.

Kapten Brunei called him to share intel that he and his team has on the Khayalan-7 gang and the elusive White Ninja. In return, Kapten Brunei asks Balau Man to do him a favour which is to help him make a new tactical suit for Kapten Brunei.

Kapten Brunei extends his hand and offers a handshake.

Kapten: Team?

Balau Man accepts his offer and shakes his hand.

Balau Man: Team.

Balau Man opens his newly repaired gliding pack and jumps off the roof. He disappears into the night as Kapten Brunei looks on.

A new age of heroes begins.

Li Gong Restaurant
Empire Hotel – Night

Commissioner Ghafar is having dinner with a woman known only as ‘Hajah Sabtu’. She is patiently waiting for him to share his thoughts as he looks through the files that she just gave to him.

He takes out two photos and places it on the table. It is a photo Kapten Brunei and Balau Man.

Ghafar: So kami mesti bekerjasama dengan Captain America dan Batman tah ni?
(So this means that we have to work together with Captain America and Batman, right?)

Sabtu: Bukan tuan sudah bekerjasama dengan dorang kan?
(Didn’t you already cooperate with them?)

Ghafar: Atu ganya sebab kami guna si Kapten Brunei sebagai distraction. What you are asking from us sekarang ani is to officially work with them
(That was only because we were using Kapten Brunei as a distraction. What you are asking from us now is to officially work with them)

Sabtu: Ani adalah keputusan dari Majlis Keselamatan Darussalam
(This is a decision made by the Darussalam Security Council)

The Police Commissioner is surprised that the Darussalam Security Council – the oldest and secretive body in the country that was supposedly founded by Awang Semaun himself – would put much of their energy on these costumed heroes.

Sabtu: These two are really popular among the people. Ada baiknya kami allow dorang untuk bekerjasama sama kitani sebelum dorang jadi threat to us.

(These two are really popular among the people. So it’s a good idea that we allow them to work with us before they become a threat to us.)

Ghafar: Dan juga memenangi hati orang awam.
(And win the public’s hearts as well)

Sabtu: Memenangi hati orang awam satu. Memenangi perang lagi.
(Winning the public’s heart is one thing. Winning the war is another.)

Ghafar: Perang?

Sabtu: A great war is coming, Tuan. Kalau sekiranya banar tah kekuatan Kapten Brunei ani waris dari kuasa Awang Semaun, menurut cerita orang-orang tua, musuh Awang Semaun akan kembali jua. And we have to be ready.

(A great war is coming, Commissioner. If the power of Kapten Brunei is truly the heir to the power of Awang Semaun, then according to old folk stories, Awang Semaun’s enemies will also return as well. And we have to be ready.)

Commissioner Ghafar is shaking his head and couldn’t believe the words that’s coming out of ‘Hajah Sabtu’s’ mouth. This lady is one of the members of the influential Darussalam Security Council and is supposed to be one of the smartest person in this country.

Ghafar:  Jangan tah percaya cerita orang tua-tua atu. Cerita dongeng tu.
(Let’s not believe in those old folk stories. They’re fairy tales)

Sabtu: Tuan pun sendiri nampak kekuatan Kapten Brunei. Cerita dongeng kan tu?
(You saw for yourself the strength of Kapten Brunei. Was that a fairy tale?)

Commissioner Ghafar doesn’t say anything and looks at the two pictures again while taking in everything that Hajah Sabtu just said.

Sabtu: Awang Semaun, Awang Jerambak, Damang Sari…..Our country was founded by HEROES.

‘Hajah Sabtu’ places her hand on the pictures of Kapten Brunei and Balau Man laid on in front of the Commissioner.

Sabtu: Maybe it is time we need HEROES again to save it.

G U A R D I A N S  O F  D A R U S S A L A M

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