The story is set in a heightened reality/fictional/alternate version of Brunei – a small Sultanate at the northern part of the Borneo Island. Everything is similar unless stated otherwise eg. organizations have different names but with similar functions to its real life counterparts.

The Brunei Superheroes

Muhammad Adam bin Haji Ibrahim
Born in 1991 (21 years old at the start of the story)

Following his late father’s teaching, Adam maintains a strong moral compass and never tried to act wrongfully to others. His father was a fisherman and passed away four years before the start of the story.

He now lives with his mother and two younger siblings – Amalina and Haziq – at Tutong. He did not do well at his A-levels and decided to quit school. He found work at the local town’s car workshop owned by Uncle Lim, a good friend of his late father.

Adam is also currently in a relationship with his childhood friend, Aisyah. Despite Aisyah’s devotion to him, Adam feels that he doesn’t deserve a girl like her. Aisyah is a smart girl and she has potential to go further in life than he could ever dreamed of. Adam somehow feels he’s responsible for holding her back and contemplates about ending their relationship.

His wold turned upside down after an encounter with a magical Archer fish which granted him  super strength – just like the legend of folk hero Awang Semaun. He initially saw his powers as a burden until he used it to rescue innocent lives. Ali – a boy he saved from a car wreckage – suggested that he should become a superhero.

Although he has some doubts about himself, he is ultimately a good person that only wants to do what is right.

Awangku Ridzuan bin Pengiran Haji Tirdmidzi (bin Pengiran Haji Bukhari)
Born in 1988 (24 years old at the start of the story)

Ridzuan comes from a wealthy and educated family in Brunei that owns one of the biggest company in the country – the Bukhari Enterprise. Ridzuan is the eldest of two siblings from his father’s second wife.

All throughout his life moving from one country to another, Ridzuan have a knack for having short attention span in his interests – whether it was eastern philosophy during his childhood times in India or criminology in Washington; filmmaking in Paris or mechanical engineering in London. In between, he took up random activities such as parkour, mixed martial arts, fencing, graffiti painting, eskrima and chess. He often considers himself as someone with diverse interests – a blatant cover up for the fact that he just doesn’t know what to do with his life.

 His confidence is also his weakness because it sometimes gives him the illusion that he has everything under control when he is not. It doesn’t help that he’s mostly out of touch with how things work in Brunei.

After hearing the news of a young girl’s death after getting beaten up by a gang, Ridzuan used his resources and skills to become a private investigator/masked vigilante inspired by a masked vigilante he came across while living in Paris – the Nightrunner. With the prototypes obtained from the archives of his family’s company defunct defence tech division, he becomes ‘Balau Man‘ – a superhero that would strike fear in the hearts of gangs and inspire ordinary people to have no fear of criminals.


Siti Halizah binti Haji Abdul Rahman
Born in 1987 (25 years old at the start of the story)

Growing up, Liza was instilled with strong moral discipline and independence by her father, Detective Rahman – a veteran police officer known for his toughness and competence in the Crimes Division. Liza manages her own fitness center – Fitness Square. She also gained a following through her social media accounts under the username ‘Dayang Dynamite‘.

After the death of a young girl in the hands of a gang, Liza set up a self defence class for women and young girls. Her self defence classes quickily expanded and attracted other women’s group. She decides to use her ‘Dayang Dynamite’ as a brand and later a superhero moniker to inspire girls and women to stand up against injustice.

Adam’s Family/Friends

Aisyah – Adam’s childhood friend/girlfriend. A smart girl and she has potential to go further in life. Her greatest weakness is that she’s afraid to go out of her comfort zone. She feels content (or at least convince herself that she’s content) with her current state in life: in her small town, with her family, her boyfriend and her friends – nothing more.

Amalina (Amal) – Adam’s younger teenage sister. Still in school and the death of her father may have led to her gradual involvement with the wrong crowd in her school.

Haziq – Adam’s youngest brother – 8 years old. Generally do well in school and have a healthy social life. It could be said that he is the strongest of the family.

Fatimah (Adam’s Mother) – Single mom. Strong, kind and understanding.

Uncle Lim – A good friend of Adam’s late father. Adam’s father saved Uncle Lim’s life and he has since then vowed to take care of Adam – like giving him a job at the workshop.

Ridzuan’s Family/Friends

Marina (Auntie Mar) – Ridzuan’s longtime Filipina maid/driver/trainer. Confidant to Ridzuan’s secret crime fighting activities.

Bakhri – Ridzuan’s eldest half-brother and current head of the Bukhari Enterprise.

Syazwana – Ridzuan’s youngest sister. About to start her undergraduate studies in UK. Outgoing and talkative.

Zainab – Tirmidzi’s second wife – married after the death of the first wife; Mother to Ridzuan and Syazwana.

Pengiran Tirmidzi – Ridzuan’s late hardworking father. Had a bit of a hands off approach to his children.

Pengiran Bukhari – Ridzuan’s late grandfather and founder of the family company. A respected man in the country.

“Team Kapten”

Ali – Comic book / Superhero fan; Loves puzzle and board games; The designer of the Captain Brunei suit; Was the one who suggested to Adam that he should be a superhero after being rescued from a car explosion; He is the leader of Team Kapten – Kapten Brunei support team.

Syafiqah (Fiqah)–  Bookworm and inspiring writer; The main writer of Captain Brunei’s social media accounts/blog; Ali’s girlfriend.

Saiful – Likes to claim himself as the ‘mature voice of reason’ of the group but can come across as the pessimistic one; He is resourceful and has good networking; He’s a musician/artist.

Hazwan – He is the optimistic one and the tech guy of the group.

Law Enforcement

Akmal – Promising and idealistic young detective at the Major Crimes Division. Best friends with Ridzuan.

Rahman – Head of Major Crimes Division (MCD) and Liza’s father. A respected veteran police officer known for his toughness and competence.

Sofian – The always reliable SWAT team leader.

Commissioner Ghafar – The Police Commissioner.

The Daily Brunei (TDB)

Vivian – Senior Editor in ‘The Daily Brunei’. A bit of a workaholic

Stephanie – Vivian’s four year old daughter.

Haji Wahab – Chief Editor of ‘The Daily Brunei’. A retired civil servant as well as founder of various social work NGOs. Haji Wahab is a respected man in the community.

Wirdah – a young and outspoken journalist in The Daily Brunei.

Azim – a young and sarcastic journalist in The Daily Brunei.

Darussalam Security Council (DSC)

‘Hajah Sabtu’ – One of the seven members of the Darussalam Secuirty Council (DSC) –  the oldest and secretive body in the country that was supposedly founded by Awang Semaun himself. Hajah Sabtu is not her real name.


Jafar – Jafar is a wealthy businessman. He also runs Jafar’s Corner – the hottest blog in country. While the other popular local blog have become more mainstream (deals with food, photography, movie reviews and covering social events), Jafar aggressively decided to take his blog to another direction by relishing on juicy gossips, rumours and hot button issues. This garnered him many fans as well as haters.

He has narcissistic tendencies and a compulsive urge for showmanship especially towards those he deemed intellectually inferior to him.

Abu – Jafar’s right hand man/bodyguard

Boboi – Leader of a low level gang. Involved in the drug trade.

‘Si Manis’ – Ruthless leader of the K-7 gang – the gang that supplies the Khayalan-7 drugs.

The White Ninja – A mysterious Ninja who seems to be working for ‘Si Manis’

Bilantapura – An ancient evil being. Defeated by Awang Semaun and his companions 700 years ago. Or so they thought.